Intuitive Gardens LLC

Our products are meant to Gro.U spiritually, intuitively and to create meditative space for a world on the go...gardens to bring joy, beauty and whimsy to your life!

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to promote a message and a method for peace, joy and lifting vibration in the world and in the lives of people. Creating beauty that manifests a meditative state restoring and renewing the spirit and the mind is valid in this world and very much needed. Intuitive Gardens LLC wishes to bring the meditation space to you through creative gardens full of wonder, possibility and enchantment.

"My intention is to bring people joy through these gardens. "

K. Helms

About Us

Rev. Dr. Kathryn L. Helms

Owner, Sole Member

Intuitive Gardens LLC is where intuition, creativity and the imagination come together with elements of earth, crystals, and sometimes whimsical creatures to spark joy and child wonderment in all of us. We could all use a fresh perspective and what a better way to reset than to create a special place on a desk or table top to just stop, breathe, focus on beauty and fill your spirit with positive energy and affirmations. Each garden creation is a one of a kind, made with positivity in mind! Our saying at Intuitive Gardens echoes the reminder to: Gro.U!


Hanover, PA

Upcoming Events

April 23: Hanover Market House


April 30: Spring Craft Fair Exton, Pa

West Whiteland Township 10-2

May 7: Danville Spring Fling Danville, Pa